To the Uncle Tomskis Kissing Anglo Ass In The MRA and PUA Blogs

My daughter just sent me this link:  Gym owner thinks she can muscle people into getting her way – 9GAG.

Aside of being a good story of hard working, kind men winning against a rather ill tempered, probably borderline roid raging crazy woman, it’s a nice reminder of something important.

Before the idea of “white” fully caught on as a general term for all Europeans who don’t have obvious recent African or Asian ancestry, eastern Europeans were considered to be trash.  Those who were already established in the U.S. (mostly Anglo and German) looked down on them, and often couldn’t be arsed to spell their real names at Ellis Island.

Polish people were looked down on so badly that most Americans to this day probably know more racist “pollock” jokes than African or Native American ones.

Polish people were thought to be stupid, ugly, worthless, drunks, and basically trash.  Today, much of what’s called “white trash” culture comes from things Polish and other eastern European Americans did to cope with poverty and the usually silent racism between groups under the umbrella of “white”.

In high school history classes, when we’d learn about World War II, we are told NOTHING about the Polish resistance.  Not.  One.  Word.

It only receives a passing mention in most universities.  For most Americans, it either never happened, or it nearly disappeared in the shadow of the French resistance.

And you think these ignorant rednecks who happily teach children that you are weak, dumb slaves who welcomed the nazis and then kissed Stalin’s ass, consider you a part of their future?

Good luck with that.


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