What Might Have Changed: Bare Face As a Status Symbol

Sitting in the Zen GardenI had heard it, but didn’t really want to believe it until I saw it at the DC Urban Moms and Dads forums.  Going around bare faced (without makeup) is now a status symbol.

So the reason I had a spate of scrubs may not be that a lack of makeup and being fat.  It could be the combination of bare face, no or clear nail polish, contrasted with quality (often hand made) clothing, accessories, and cosmetics and good manners.  I looked like someone with more money than brains who was looking for a stay-at-home husband.

I suppose it will pass.  It will pass because the herd is lazy.  They like everything in a neat little package that doesn’t require much thought or work.  It is a lot harder to be and stay pretty and competitive without makeup than it is with makeup.  Your face is still your billboard.  It’s just that without makeup, it has to be a great board or nobody’s reading it.


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