According to Beauty Heaven, it’s my makeup or lack thereof that dooms me.

beautyheavendoomI was wondering about that.  Since I started to look a little bit older (and therefore less objectively pretty) I am attracting way too many scrubs.  Don’t get me wrong, I find there is dignity in all labor, but that is only when the dignity is in the man, and by extension, he creates dignity in his labors.

What disgusts me is conveniently feminist scrubs who pursue me with an agenda to basically take over my life and use me like a worker bee.  Women who do this are whores, who I respect, but it makes their presumed managers pimps.  So I don’t know how a dude looks at himself in the mirror with this kind of mentality.

Since I do still attract guys who are about something, I know I haven’t become utterly hideous.  It’s just that way too many slackers and pussies think they have a chance.

So I do need to tighten up my look (which includes continuing to lose weight), but at my age, there is a line between well maintained and uppity cat-lady couture.   I’ll find the right balance though.

It was just scary to find out that something I was doing wrong was a typical enough mistake that there’s a beauty site quiz for it.

…and for the record, I don’t have a problem with guys who surf.  Surfing is a great sport, one of the few I actually enjoy watching.  I just don’t like the stereotypical surfer dude who is looking for a woman to break her back while he sits around like a miniature beached whale except when there are waves.

I don’t tolerate a “trifling nigger” no matter what color he is.  So it bugs me if they view me as an option.

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