Getting Schooled on African-ness – K. Sis. Nicole Lasher (Ibtisam70) – YouTube

More than 10 years ago, I had a kind of debate for me, but it was really my getting schooled on being African by Kola Boof. She explained to me that as an African American of varied ancestry, I’m not really considered African unless I behave and fight like an African for Africans, particularly whichever African nation and people are my people. It’s connected to genetics, but not solely. One’s genes and how they’re expressed are kind of like tools or gifts one is born with, and the rest is about choices you make. If you don’t make African choices, you’re not really African unless you’re just African, and in that case you can still be a treacherous choad.

Source: K. Sis. Nicole Lasher (Ibtisam70) – YouTube

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