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Murcof Maiz
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Goodbye Uncle Fester

[responsivevoice_button] It has taken me awhile to sit down and write about it. On June 18 or 19, it was unclear from the posts by mutual friends, the man I once affectionately nicknamed Fester committed suicide by jumping from a window. This makes him the fifth man to die violently after hurting me intimately; the…

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More Sex Talk from the Love Scientist – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus

There’s your temperament and your culture, your nurture, your environment. I’m an identical twin and we’re not exactly alike. No two people are alike. What’s really interesting, and the most important scientific thing in my lifetime, is an understanding of epigenetics. We are beginning to understand how the environment turns genes on and off and…

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New Jersey couple, 98 and 101, finds love endures, celebrate 75 years together – Health – TODAY.com

It was 1934, and William Fullwood, a young baseball player in the Negro Leagues, wanted nothing more than to marry Williemae, a “God-fearing, God-loving” woman who taught in a one-room school in Georgia.She initially spurned him because of their three-year age difference, but eight children, 23 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren later, William says he has…

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The Least of These…

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Okay, to all the ethnonationalists and the ethno-aware and the ethno-don’t-care out there, here’s a question: What have you done for someone in your “us” group today? I don’t mean something general or something virtual.  What real act of kindness or charity have you done for someone among your “us” today who…

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Modern Lie: Everyone Deserves Love

[sc name="responsivevoice" ]One of the biggest lies that get people in trouble nowadays, is that everyone deserves unconditional love.  This is only true of babies and other severely disabled people who have never done anything wrong to anyone on purpose, and have no control over what happens to them. The moment someone does have control…

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Post Genocidal Romance

The women, for a few generations after a genocide or ethno specific time of extreme oppression, may become misandrist as a collective vengeance against the men who could not protect them from the monsters. The men, who failed to protect them are classed as weak, in collusion with their oppressors, the oppressors themselves, useless fools…

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