The Least of These…

Okay, to all the ethnonationalists and the ethno-aware and the ethno-don’t-care out there, here’s a question:

What have you done for someone in your “us” group today?

I don’t mean something general or something virtual.  What real act of kindness or charity have you done for someone among your “us” today who is not a blood family member?

What elderly person have you helped out?  Given up your seat on the bus for?

Whose child have you given a gift to?  Which diabetic kid have you made paleo cookies for today?

Are any of “our” children in your area sleeping on the street tonight because they’re Gay or just inconvenient, and their parents kicked them out?

Are any of “our” elderly sweltering in the heat or freezing in the cold because their pension doesn’t cover their utilities?

What have you done, in practical, real terms, for “us” today?

Ask yourself that question every day, and make sure you have a good answer.

I am in ur hedz meeting u where u r.

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