The Planter’s Dilemma | Baba Brinkman

If I cheat and you don’t cheat then I profit If you cheat and I don’t cheat then you profit So we both cheat, so we can each keep somethin’ But where did all the non-cheaters go? via The Planter’s Dilemma | Baba Brinkman.

Statistics + Inhumanity = Murderers

It doesn’t matter who’s doing it or what label they stick onto themselves.  It doesn’t matter if they claim to be on your side, or doing something for your own good. Whenever someone quotes a set of statistics, and then claims that this justifies some inhumane action, or the passing of some inhumane law, especially…

Fat Acceptors! Stop Asking Robots For Acceptance

A sad fact of human nature that I came to understand in elementary school is that there are two kinds of people: thinkers and non thinkers. Thinkers may run the range as far as levels of social dependence.  Some may understand a situation, but lack the courage to actively shape it.  They will conform to…

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