Fat Acceptors! Stop Asking Robots For Acceptance

A sad fact of human nature that I came to understand in elementary school is that there are two kinds of people: thinkers and non thinkers.

Thinkers may run the range as far as levels of social dependence.  Some may understand a situation, but lack the courage to actively shape it.  They will conform to the status quo to some degree due to personal fears of ostracism, or “for the common good”.  They are however, conscious of what is going on.

Some are very independent thinkers, and of those, some will conform in order to gain status/power within the system.  Some will separate themselves from it as much as possible.  Some actively try to maintain, shape, or change the system, if they feel something is wrong with it.  Some succeed.

Non thinkers, on the other hand, want and may even need others to think for them.  It’s not that they’re intellectually lazy.  They are intellectually uncurious.

I want you to look at something:

Now ask yourself something.  If most people are willing to kill another person just because a person in a white coat tells them to, absent of any propaganda or other priming, what chance do you figure that you have of gaining acceptance over an issue that is saturating the media?

Fat people, fat acceptors, stop asking empty headed robots to accept you.  They will not because they have been raised in a culture that promotes the idea that you are defective, useless, and worthless.  Your efforts to convince them otherwise are utterly wasted.

The only way you can get them to stop harassing or discriminating against you is fear.  Because they are essentially, primitive people, the only language they understand is fear.  Fear of losing something important to them like social status, sex, and money moves them in a way that fear of being viewed as a jackass does not.

Some may not like to hear this, but since fat women are a bigger issue than fat men, and fat women are also more physically vulnerable, a stable humanistic patriarchal society is the only one in which a fat or any other kind of ugly woman has any value.  Indeed, a substantial proportion of you BBW’s out there may notice that your husband or boyfriend is a very dominant man.  If you’re Lesbian, you may notice that your partner is an extremely strong willed, and probably also physically strong woman.

If you are indeed a fat acceptor, you should not at the same time claim to be a feminist.  Supporting feminism is supporting fat phobia, because it is supporting the people who have, for the past four decades, been pressuring women to look more manly.

You are also supporting a movement whose adherents want to force you and your children to eat food that will make them insulin resistant, by taking meat and milk off the menu.

Eat natural food, and your weight will take care of itself in time.  In that time though, you may notice that your hormones balance as well.  If you’re a man, you’ll feel more manly…if a woman, more womanly.  Your figure will likely turn out better than it was before you got fat.  This is an even better reason to consider gender realism.

When fat acceptance began, it was to counter the Twiggy, feminist ideal.  Don’t ever forget that.  This is not just about the needs of very fat people.  It’s about the needs of slim but not starving people too.  It’s even about the needs of slim people who are starving and struggling to stay that way, when they shouldn’t have to.

Since most people, regardless of their size, are non thinkers, they can’t figure these things out for themselves.  Those of you who do have the will to change things need to stop wasting your energy and time trying to change their minds from a position of slaves instead of masters.

If you take the approach of an oppressed group who treats acceptance like an object that they have and you need, they will not feel benevolent.  In that frame, they are the kings of the conformist mountain.  They have the flag and tease you with it mercilessly.  The slim as well as the fat dieters gain status in the acceptance frame by refusing to accept you.

When they pick on you or discriminate against you, their egos are boosted at your expense.  It is difficult to convince someone to stop doing something that feels good to them.  It feels good to them to show that they belong.

What needs to be done is that the mountain they are grazing-I-mean-standing on has to be switched for another.  If the terrain changes, they have to adapt to the new environment in order to feel that sense of belonging, which is the most important thing in the world to them.

I seem harsh in describing it, but this herd instinct is very important in a civilization.  Everybody can’t all be going in a different direction.  It needs to be easy for the people to empathize with one another.

So become the gardener of the ground they have to stand on.  Promote feminine beauty in women, not the manjawed Amazons.  Manjawed Amazons should be a flavor, not the only ideal.  Waifs are another flavor.  If you own some stuff, put more legitimately healthy people on the face of it.  It might be more difficult to look for beauty and fitness instead of just slimness and photochopability, but it’s worth the time and expense to make the culture a healthier one.

If you’re a big woman or a big man, wear clothes that actually fit you instead of following trends.  You don’t have to wear tents.  If you’re not sure where to go and you need specifically western clothes, find some Russian seamstresses tailors.  Their sense of style is very size friendly despite the relative rarity of fat folks in Russia.

Look nice when you go out.  If you look frumpy, people will think you are weak and pounce on your perceived vulnerability.  If the “people of Walmart” folks are running around, they should not get a photo of you looking bad.  They should scoff at your arrogance.

Yes, be arrogant, not overcompensating.  Especially after being on a natural diet for a year or two, you are probably healthier than stronger than them.  If they’re also eating natural, then chances are it’s because at some point their health took a hit from the typical western diet too, so they know they’re mortal.

When someone picks on you, be merciless because you know you’re dealing with a blinded cretin, or merciful because you know you’re dealing with a helpless sap behaving like a blind cretin because they’re desperate for attention.

Be dangerous.  Take up a martial art, or don’t hide the ability to fight, or if you’re female, that you have feminine wiles.

For females, this is your greatest power.  You don’t need to be tough like a man.  If someone makes a rude comment towards you, burst into tears.  Make them have to follow through on their meanness in picking the easy target.  Let them be very obviously the unattractive bitch or the stupid asshole pussy who picks on girls because he’s too wuss to pick on guys.

The hatred of robots is meaningless.  They have no power.  They are being puppeteered by people who have power that they don’t.

Your battle is not against the sheep.  It’s against the shepherd.  Become the new shepherd, and the sheep will follow you.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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