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Tin Man
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Tin Man

[sc name="responsivevoice" ] The day was bright and sunny. By nightfall it was honey. We’ll skip the naked parts. The next day would have risen To a beautiful beginnin’ If you only had a heart. Each week brought a new drama. Each month a brand new trauma And so I played it hard. It might…

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Link Purge Time

Well, it looks like the Chateau Heartiste has turned from a game/PUA blog to a “white” nationalist blog.  I’m very disappointed, especially since the point of game is to help men be men.  I didn’t expect to see this omega shit from the Heartiste. …but it is what it is.. “[CH: blacks are the most…

Cow photo by Ineke Van Rossum
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The Cow and The Ox – a story about the illusion of racial privilege

Once upon a time, there was a cow and an ox. The farmer decided that since the cow was weaker though her milk was sweeter, he would milk the cow. Since the ox was stronger, he decided to use the ox to pull his plow and cart. When the ox was out working, and the…

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Fat Acceptors! Stop Asking Robots For Acceptance

A sad fact of human nature that I came to understand in elementary school is that there are two kinds of people: thinkers and non thinkers. Thinkers may run the range as far as levels of social dependence.  Some may understand a situation, but lack the courage to actively shape it.  They will conform to…

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Dealing With Haters

I love my haters.  They’re my best press and the evidence that I’m doing something right.  Their attempts to “put me in my place” are welcome challenges that ultimately end up confirming the legitimacy of my position. What’s funny about that is that I’m not particularly rich or famous.  I’m just me, and don’t apologize…