The Cow and The Ox – a story about the illusion of racial privilege

Cow photo by Ineke Van RossumOnce upon a time, there was a cow and an ox. The farmer decided that since the cow was weaker though her milk was sweeter, he would milk the cow. Since the ox was stronger, he decided to use the ox to pull his plow and cart.

When the ox was out working, and the cow was free to roam the fields, the cow laughed at the ox saying, “Ha ha. You see? The farmer doesn’t value you as much as he values me because you have to pull the plow and I get to roam the fields.”

Musk OxWhen the cow went to sleep each night, the ox also roamed the fields, but the cow ate up so much of the grass that there was very little left for the ox. The ox would go to sleep a few hours hungry and tired.

While the cow was asleep, the farmer would get up early in the morning, and take milk from the cow. After milking, he would pet the cow and tell her she was a good girl. This made the cow feel good about herself. The fact that she produced milk which the farmer liked, and the ox had to struggle, made her feel good about herself. It made her feel good about herself while the farmer shoved his hand up her vagina to inseminate her. It made her feel good about herself when later, he shoved his hand up her ass to preg check her. (For you non farmers “preg check” means to check if a cow is pregnant by reaching up in her to see if there’s a calf in there.)

Milking MachinesWhen a bit later the farmer would come and pull out her babies because, not working very hard, she didn’t have the muscles anymore to give birth unassisted, she also still felt good. She continued to feel good about herself when the farmer would have a look at each calf and decide whether it was going to be on his plate or standing next to her giving milk someday.

Note, the male cows were more often on the plate.

Eventually, next to her children, so many now that they couldn’t roam free anymore, but had to spend their lives in an enclosure where they just ate and served their purpose, she was so proud of herself, and taught her daughters to also be proud of themselves.

Oxen Pulling a CartWhen the oxen would come by pulling the cart from which the farmer would scoop their food into troughs, they would turn up their noses and even pity the ox.

Then one day, they were horrified to see the farmer actually petting one of the oxen. They thought that the farmer only petted them. They were very angry, and vowed not to give milk anymore. Yet in the morning, all their udders were full, and when the farmer came by again, they submitted to the machines they were now being suctioned by.

…and though it was only for few moments every night, the oxen roamed the fields.

The end.


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  1. Hi,

    This is very OT. I’m posting this comment because I noticed that you’re a reader of the heartiste blog. Heartiste wrote a blog article recently that I think was dishonest or at least did not tell the full story.

    This was the blog article in question, Confident A-Hole Game:

    Many of us warned him that the images in his article were tampered with by an anonymous troll. He refused to publish many of our comments that exposed the fraud because it doesn’t sit well with his world view. In refusing to publish the original chat logs or to make any kind of retraction, he is at least as guilty as the troll who sent them.

    He likes to pretend that average looking, average income guys can get a harem of girls simply by being extremely confident.. that the only thing standing in the way of these average guys is their beta behaviour. Since most people are average, this is a very good business decision on his part.

    The truth is most guys cannot afford to behave in the way prescribed in that particular article. It is not good game advice. I beckon for you to try to repeat his success(which mind you occurred in the span of 2 hours).

    The original images tell a very different story. These chat logs were from another website who holds a very different and, in my opinion, a far more cynical world view. The conversations were between an actual male model and a girl. It is our opinion that women of this day and age are as obsessed with looks as men.

    These are some of the links that were sent to roissy. All of them are from one particular thread on one particular forum, “puahate,com”:

  2. I agree that he should have corrected his mistake. However, I don’t think the real log is exactly proof that women are just as looks obsessed as men as far as beauty. The guy looks kind of frog-like (not ugly like a frog, but with that froggish quality all men under a certain age have) except for a pretty strong brow, which most relatively masculine men have. If he behaved overly sensitive, I don’t think he’d have gotten that far.

    A mistake detractors often make is in taking things to extremes. The CH writer(s) don’t ever say that looks don’t matter at all for men or that looks are everything for women, just that they don’t mitigate squeamishness in men and can cause blindness to hostility in women.

    Unfortunately a mistake some supposed tellers of great truths make when they start to form ideologies rather than worldviews, is to ignore or attempt to stamp down by a sort of force, alternative views, and cover their mistakes or missteps rather than exposing them and learning from them. I hope that even if he (or they) doesn’t address this, he learns from it and acts accordingly.

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