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Tolkien Butler Remorse

The woman who stupidly thought potential could mean promise. Like any other kid of my generation who had parents who were very much in love, as much as I liked Disney as a toddler, eventually I matured into Tolkien. Because I was a nerd there was some Asimov. Because…

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10 Big Mistakes Straight Men Make In Online Dating

So your “player” or Gay friends have told you of the wonder and efficiency of online dating. Yet a week in, you are not getting any matches, or when you do, you strike out. Want to know what you’re doing wrong? Read on. 1. Your Photos in Sunglasses (or Headless or Not…

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Tinder in Israel: Should Be Called Bitter

Well, just to see if it would turn out any better than other dating sites here full of guys who just want a cheerleader for masturbation, I signed on to Tinder.  My first and second Tinder dates went well, but I think that was it. The first two were the last two…