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Sikary gold 650mah and TSN leopard 900mah
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CE4 Madness

Of the 5 types of vapers, I’m apparently a combination Normal and Flavor Chaser.  I’ve been on eGo type batteries, with an occasional nostalgic hit of my JoyTech eCab and 510TA+standard cartomizer for the past 5-6 years.  I just prefer something that looks light, classy, and elegant or something fun and happy.  Mods, I respect,…

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The Zen Garden

The other day, I went to Haifa University to meet Diva to hang out.  We had lunch and then visited the witchcraft and mysticism section of the library.  Then we went to sit in what I guess passes for a Zen garden in Israel. Most of the bamboo was dead or dying, and it was…