The Zen Garden

The other day, I went to Haifa University to meet Diva to hang out.  We had lunch and then visited the witchcraft and mysticism section of the library.  Then we went to sit in what I guess passes for a Zen garden in Israel.

Most of the bamboo was dead or dying, and it was very neglected, but it was cool.  It seemed a good place to listen to someone read poetry for some reason.  More likely, it has been the location of many a rendezvous.

Vaping a Joytech Ego-CSitting in the Zen GardenIt was a very nice day.  Good to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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