CE4 Madness

Of the 5 types of vapers, I’m apparently a combination Normal and Flavor Chaser.  I’ve been on eGo type batteries, with an occasional nostalgic hit of my JoyTech eCab and 510TA+standard cartomizer for the past 5-6 years.  I just prefer something that looks light, classy, and elegant or something fun and happy.  Mods, I respect, and can hold my own as a tinkerer.  It’s just that for myself, I prefer things less complicated and more feminine.

It was time for me to at least try some of the new fangled gear though.  So Shai has gifted me with an eLeaf iStick 40 Watt, with temperature control, in black of course.  It is a dream.  They have them higher, up to 100 Watts, but the bigger ones are too chunky for me.  The 40W is perfect.  I got the flip connector for purse-ability, and the eGo adapter for my old school CE4 clearomizers.

The experience of vaping with the iStick is a whole other world from my old eGos.  I’m not sure if any variable wattage battery that went up to 5 would be about the same with a CE4, because in all honesty, I am so much of a Normal, that I didn’t bother to try any beyond testing other people’s.  I wasn’t extremely impressed, and I was scared away by the mechanical issues…dials malfunctioning, falling off and whatnot.  With the iStick though, there are none of those issues, and you can set it to fit *exactly* how you puff.  So I’m very happy with my early Valentine’s Day gift.  His is still on the way from China.  It’s not as good, but it’s stylish.

So this is my going out kit:

Sikary gold 650mah and TSN leopard 900mah

Sikary gold 650mah and TSN leopard 900mah

…and this is what I’m vaping at home.

eLeaf iStick 40W TC with CE4 Clearomizer

eLeaf iStick 40W TC with CE4 Clearomizer

By the way, now that the news is out that e cigs are indeed safer, so long as you remember the same battery safety rules as for your cell phone or laptop, they’re talking taxes instead of bans.  So y’all might want to stock up while you can.


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