Crazy Christian Kills Mom

Michael Brea, a former actor in Ugly Betty, is accused of killing his mom with a samurai sword while trying to force her to accept Jesus Christ.

Crazy Christians…This is why it is so important not to Santa Claus the unfathomable, omnipotent, and omnipresent Creator of the Universe.  You can’t believe that people are going to hell for not believing in your Santa, especially when yours is either nonexistent or a demon who feeds on adoration.  You know which gods people serve by their actions, not their words.  If you are a Christian, get back to your pre-Paul roots…or hey, take a lesson from Jesus himself, who never asked anyone to worship him and helped Pagan Romans without trying to convert them.  If he felt their souls were in danger, he’d have said so.  Instead, he just helped them.

What do you figure Luke chapter 4 on the temptation on the mountain was about?  When Satan dared Jesus that if he was the son of God, to jump off the mountain, even Jesus Christ himself bowed to natural law and answered that one should not tempt God.  In his human form, whether just a prophet or an avatar of God/Allah/Obatala/YHWH or whatever you choose to call It, he expressed in one short sentence that it is not our place as mortal humans to presume ourselves above the Perfect Creator and Its carefully and wonderfully made universe.

So it’s certainly not our place to presume ownership of heaven or hell by attempting to force people to follow what is a sociopathic Santa in the sky.  This is the mistake of most judaic belief systems that broke away from Judaism itself.  Yeah I’m talking to you Muslims who can’t seem to get your heads around the fact that your prophet was human too, that he studied esoterism with Christians and Pagans, and that his push to convert people was both political and a reaction to real problems like human sacrifice for profit.  Now, some of your crazies are running around doing human sacrifice for profit and a twisted “honor” that is anything but.

Jesus was a Jew.  Muhammad derived Islam from Judaism.  Jews aren’t perfect.  They have crazies too, but not so many because they have to go *against* the basic teachings of the faith to try to force others to believe as they do.  They understand that a righteous Gentile is serving the same God that they are.

Why don’t Christians and Muslims get this? It’s because they are mostly certainly not serving the God of Abraham.  By their “fruits”, they are serving Beelzebub who is well known for causing bloodshed and destruction through tyranny, and leading people to worship and serve demons.  Think about it…what better way to get people to worship demons and feed the pride of Lucifer, who wanted to be God, than by getting them to call Lucifer by the same title, cause undue suffering, and give human sacrifices?

I’m agnostic.  I understand that there is no way for me to fathom the Unfathomable, so nature is my prophet.  I understand that not everybody is capable of living like this and staying productive, so I’m cool with religions.  I use tools from a variety of belief systems myself, that don’t conflict with nature.  If you are a follower of a particular faith, then you need to think about what your faith really is.  What does it lead you to do?  Are you really bringing more light into this realm, or more darkness?  Are you guiding your children or thought policing them?  Are you a parent or a tyrant?  Are you a preacher or are you a warlord?

Are you jumping off the mountain?  Are you taking the dirty deal with the devil to gain adoration for your demon?  When the people around you are praising the lord, which lord are they praising?  Is it a truly unfathomable God who created a universe that works just fine if people honor it, or is it Beelzebub dressed up like Santa, who is leading you to screw up your kids or kill your parents for not goose stepping precisely enough?

Look at your life, and you’ll know the answer.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. Hi Nicole,
    Here’s yet another example of why Sistas are having such a hard time in the USA:

    Go to the end of the thread and scroll up.



    PS: gimme a holla when you get a chance. You have my email. Thanks!

  2. Hmmm…I left a concise response there, basically asking them to read your posts for comprehension and avoid kneejerking. I mentioned that I’ve been in multiple interethnic relationships, and that it doesn’t serve one to go into these things blindly, as if dating out is some kind of escape from the harsh realities of womanhood or gender relations as they are today.

    Post has been disappeared. Seems they don’t really want to have a discussion, just pat each other on the back.

    It’s okay though, because as soon as the non Black men they’re dating or married to get a little backbone, they’ll either fall in line or get left behind.

    A little on the topic, it reminds me a lot of those “positive confession” Christians. If you have any problems or are sick or disabled, it can’t be that it’s just nature or outside forces or something. It’s because you don’t have enough faith. People would be ashamed to admit they needed help or had to see a doctor because it would mean to their fellows in church that there was some kind of sin they were committing that caused the sickness.

    Black women don’t want to admit that there are things about the sexual market that we have no control of, like how people perceive us independent of or despite our behavior. It’s easier for them if they can convince themselves that there is some solution aside of learning to be okay with yourself and walk alone with dignity if it comes to that.

    Dating out is the new dating like a man which was the new free love, and so on. This is just next in a long list of solutions that don’t really solve the problem which is that all western women are facing a market in which women have largely rendered ourselves useless to men outside our looks. In that kind of climate, those perceived as the ugliest or least socially valuable are going to get hit the hardest. Some lucky few may get a good man against the odds, but most are going to end up alone, sharing with others non consensually, or with a punk with some brand of “White guilt” who views Black women as dominant by default, and who will opt out when they realize that the slightly higher testosterone doesn’t make us male or man-like in the least.

    The latter, by the way, is one component of my favorite filter after the moron defense.

    Black women need to see the big picture, and not get too wrapped up in the relatively minor detail of the “swirl” being an interethnic relationship. Men are the genetic trailblazers of the genders, so men dating out is perfectly normal. The woman in the equation needs to be very careful that she insists on being the woman regardless of what color the guy in front of her is. That’s the important thing. If she does that, she’ll be more likely to find a decent Black man than a non Black one, and the latter will be closer to an option they actually have, and less like an option they think they have but don’t really.

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