Killings By Police in Utah Outpacing Gang, Drug, Child-Abuse, and Spousal Homicides | The Free Thought Project

Police Brutality in Utah

Data from a five-year period is painting a disturbing picture of a deadly trend among Utah police officers.

Up until this year, killings by police officers ranked second only to homicide of intimate partners. However, this year, including a Saturday shooting in South Jordan, deadly force by police surpassed even violence between spouses and dating partners.

As police killings rise, more people are becoming aware and police watchdog groups are saying that it’s time we start treating deadly force by police as a potentially serious public safety problem.

via Killings By Police in Utah Outpacing Gang, Drug, Child-Abuse, and Spousal Homicides | The Free Thought Project.

Keep bleating, keep bleeding.

This is one reason why it is very important that European Americans understand that they are not, in fact, less violent than others.  They just historically, have more tendency towards organized rather than individual violence.  Whether it is caused by culture or genes, it is a fact that needs to be addressed in order to begin fighting against organized thugs predominately the same color as themselves.

You have to get the idea out of your heads, that someone being the same color as you, makes them your friend, or means that they share your interests or values.  They don’t, and they are proving it every day.


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