FRACTURED FEMININITY: Endometriosis Treatment and a Failure of Feminism | altfem magazine

It says women today, after all the feminist movements of the last 150 years, are still not valued as whole people. We have transferred the disdain formerly directed at women’s independent dreams and career aspirations toward our normally functioning female bodies. Our cyclic fertility, which should function well without disease or medication, is treated by our doctors and society, as our oppressor, something to be controlled, flatlined, and then ignored. Then, when something goes awry with our reproductive system, the emphasis of our medical establishment and our culture, is not that of healing, compassion, or holistic treatment, but of punishment and disdain.

Source: FRACTURED FEMININITY: Endometriosis Treatment and a Failure of Feminism | altfem magazine

This article does a good job of highlighting one of the major failures of feminism.  The movement uses women’s suffering as leverage, but does little or nothing to ease it.  They treat femininity, even women’s gynecological issues, as oppressive as opposed to natural things we have to cope with, like breathing…and when there is a problem that isn’t the leverage issue of the month, it is treated insensitively.

So definitely read this, and think about it.


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