Christians and Right-Wing Politics – Nazis, KKK, etc – Bad News About Christianity

I posted this mini essay and link for my friends who call themselves Christians or followers of Yeshua. Lately there has been a lot of spam circulating through the African and diaspora communities from nazis disguised as news about our concerns. So I wanted to make it clear who was us and who is not us. I hope it helps. My hopes are not very high because people are so scare of going to hell for violating “white” supremacist filtered biblical laws than going to hell, by the same belief system, for supporting a murderous, racist ideology. Spiritual racism doesn’t factor in as something they consider wrong…but I had to try.

If you are a follower of Yeshua, it is crucially important that you purge your practice of as much Roman and European imperialist corruption as possible. Do not support or endorse any sites or organizations labeled as “Christian” unless they are actively involved in anti fascism that includes legal protection of everyone’s rights including women’s right not to be forced to breed.
If they are claiming there is anything biblical about being anti abortion, they are wrong. The penalty for causing a woman to miscarry was a fine to be determined by the husband. Only if the mother died was there a death penalty. This explicitly allows for abortions to be performed without a penalty if a couple agrees that it is for the best, or if there is no husband to speak of.
The anti abortion schtick is yet another leftover from slavery. Women who were impregnated in forced breeding or by their presumed owners often committed suicide or used traditional knowledge of herbs to discontinue the pregnancy. They were scared with hell in order to keep them from doing this.
Nowadays, we are being frightened with the language of a demographic war of sorts. The truth is that Africans are not going to die off from abortion. In the U.S. though, an African American woman is more likely to die in childbirth or due to pregnancy complications due to medical malpractice and neglect.
Please do not let yourself become the sucker of nazis so that you can seem like better “Christians”. Supporting people who want to kill the Jews and convert Africans and Native Americans away from our ancestral faiths in order to more easily enslave us is not going YHWH’s work. It’s doing Beelzebub’s work…harming people for an imposter who may be a part of the Almighty like everything and everyone else, but is a deathly aspect of it designed to kill off the weak and test humanity’s fitness to live or to become extinct. Don’t support extinction.

Source: Christians and Right-Wing Politics – Nazis, KKK, etc – Bad News About Christianity


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