Post-shadow Craziness

me I am relieved and grateful that this last Mercury retrograde passed without anyone close to me experiencing major tragedies. Just as I thought I’d get away clear though, this past Tuesday, I lost my phone. It was my old faithful Samsung S5. It was in my top 5 material things that I cared the most about. A couple of things I liked the most about it, the battery was changeable without having to go to a lab, and I didn’t have to connect anything to anything. With the sim card shut down, nothing really works. I didn’t need to connect anything to or back anything up in “the cloud”. When guys send you stuff without thinking about things like what if your phone is lost or stolen, it’s a good idea for folks not to know what belonged to who.

The additional card though, will be interesting for whoever has it if they decide to explore. They will know they are cursed. My protectors are very enthusiastic, to say the least. It’s an old phone, though a pretty good one. So I suspect that whoever found it or took it will be turning it in or destroying it within a few months.

There was some other craziness, though it didn’t happen to someone close to me, I was involved in the recovery. I am grateful that it worked, so I am going to testify.

A friend of a friend’s mother was struck by a car and took a bad head injury on the first day of the post-shadow. They had to induce a coma. So we did immolations (burnt offerings) to help her recover. She came out of the coma healed. So:

Ago Laroye Eshu!

Onile Ogun!

Kabiyosile Shango!

Mercury retrogrades are times that remind us that as powerful or knowledgeable or aligned as we may ever become, the rain falls on the good and the bad. We can do all we can to prevent unnecessary problems, but there is a limit to what we can do. At some point, the best we can do is put things in the hands of the deities and suck it up, whatever happens. Quite often we find that some things are best gone, like my phone this time, and a guy who was looking for better options last retrograde. Sometimes they give us a break, like with my friend’s friend’s mom. There are things we just have no control of, and things in this Universe that we will never fully understand, but need to accept.

I let go of the accumulated 11 years of stupid, so I guess the phone loss was Nature’s way of making sure there would be no back tracking. If someone doesn’t contact me, I won’t be able to get back in touch with them. If they do, and I don’t want to reestablish contact, I can just not save the number. So my contacts will no longer be cluttered with the names and therefore any Wyrd energy of anyone who does not choose to stay relevant to me.

I am very cool with that.



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