Vegans, Stop Being Jerks About It

A short public service announcement to vegans who backwards rationalize their eating habits, making it look more like an eating disorder than a rational choice:

It’s bad enough that on the surface, preachy vegans seem to decide that sacrificing a thousand bees is worth saving one chicken. The truth behind that is it’s more like a thousand bees and millions of weevils and at least a few dozen rats are worth the social clout of pretending to be more moral than other “primitive” brown people. Please, for the sake of not sabotaging the cause of being vegetarian and vegan for the environment, just do the thing without the backwards rationalizing and moralizing that, at its root, is racist/caste-ist even where it is justified most by religion. Being vegan doesn’t have to mean being a jerk.

Blessings and Ashé!

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