Experts warn of rise in phishing scams ahead of holiday shopping

(WXYZ) — The deals for holiday shoppers started back in October, but we wanted to remind you to make sure you don’t take the bait of online scammers.I’ve already been inundated with phishing emails, and the Better Business Bureau expects more bad actors to pop up.In the last three weeks, I’ve received nine emails from scammers wanting me to click a link about a purchase I have not made.People we talked with are seeing a lot of those same kind of solicitations, too.”I think one step further is I get the text messages, the alert, like, ‘Hey your account has been compromised. Click this link,'” Todd Fairbairn of Royal Oak said.But, clicking that link could infect your device with malware.

Source: Experts warn of rise in phishing scams ahead of holiday shopping


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