Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) – NIST.AI.100-1.pdf (

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have significant potential to transform society andpeople’s lives – from commerce and health to transportation and cybersecurity to the envi-ronment and our planet. AI technologies can drive inclusive economic growth and supportscientific advancements that improve the conditions of our world. AI technologies, how-ever, also pose risks that can negatively impact individuals, groups, organizations, commu-nities, society, the environment, and the planet. Like risks for other types of technology, AIrisks can emerge in a variety of ways and can be characterized as long- or short-term, high-or low-probability, systemic or localized, and high- or low-impact.

Source: Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) – NIST.AI.100-1.pdf


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