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St. Patty’s Night

Last night, Shai and I went to the Beer House for St. Patrick’s day.  He had a liter of Kwak, and I had a liter of Castille Rouge.  We also had chips which I regretted more than the drinking in the morning, but it was worth it. Earlier, we went to Achim Marcel (Marcel Brothers)…

My Babies Are Back

Zoro and Zora are back home today.  They’re doing fine.  They ate and now, Zora is sleeping.  Zoro seems to be fighting sleep, but he’s probably on his way down soon.  They can’t go outside for another day or two.

Spay Day

Today, Zoro and Zora, two kittens we raised from about 3 weeks to a month old, are getting neutered and spayed today.  We’ve got them in their boxes now, and are waiting for Catwoman to come get them and take them to the vet.  She’s known to the SPCA here as a cat rescue expert,…

The Amazing Exploding Fatass

Well, how ever weird this month has been, it must have done something good. Yesterday morning, my workout exploded.  It’s like I can’t stop moving.  There was the workout, work, posting a bit, working some more, then working out some more.  I feel like myself again.  Hopefully soon I’ll look like myself again too.  It’s a…

Cuckoo For My Cocoa Puffs

Seems Vegeta is not suicidal, just socially retarded.  He wanted back in.  Not only did he want back in, but thought he had a chance of getting there without doing anything to win back my trust and respect.  I tried to keep it light.  I really did. He is so ashamed of me that he…

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