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Comment: Israel troops and tanks fight Hamas in streets as airstrikes pound Gaza

Israeli troops and tanks move into Gaza

[embed][/embed] “Gazans are cut off from the world and also each other, under a total siege and a communications blackout as the war enters a new phase. Israel’s military says it bombed 150 underground targets in northern Gaza, and has again urged residents there to move south. Hamas, which the UK has designated a terrorist…


[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Living in a country in active war is a sort of surreal experience, as many people in this violent world have already explained. The realities one has to cope with become almost mundane. Almost. When certain things aren’t available or become rationed, you just deal with it. When you can, you stock…

Survivor Privilege

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Once again, we the meat are being ground. Thusfar, I’m in that space between some bones that hasn’t been chewed up yet. If fortune smiles on me again for some reason, I’ll live with the memory of this. I live with the memory of the last big war here. I live with…

The Internet is Slowly Dying

[embed][/embed] This is a much deeper video about a topic I don’t think many people know about, how basically the internet is slowly crumbling and dying around us. (Fun times!) Thank you all so much for watching, and the immense support on the last video, I hope you all enjoy this one just as much,…

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