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Israelis Prefer Internet Over Sex

We’ve often lauded Israel for being the Startup Nation, a place where hightech ventures and progressive, innovative technologies have become commonplace.

After all, far before we were using Waze to get around, Israelis had already integrated it into the fabric of their transportation industry. And, as I’ve said before, essentially all of the gadgets or devices you currently own, in one way or another, use Israeli tech.

So perhaps this new survey conducted by Google Israel shouldn’t be that surprising, though, mind you, it still kind of is.

According to the survey, a whopping 72% of Israelis revealed that they would rather give up sex for a month than have no internet access.


Furthermore, 47% of women and 25% of men said they would give up sex for a whole year if it meant they could stay online.

via Study: Israelis Prefer Internet Over Sex – Shalom Life.

Why am I not surprised?

With so much broken masculinity, normalization of craptastic behavior, and self destructive levels of feminism, those who are aware of the situation would naturally rather lose sex than internet access.  At least internet access would actually do something real for you.  Here in Israel, whoever you’re shagging is usually only good for one thing, and not even very good at that because of weird hangups.

You can force people to marry the right race with social programming, but you can’t force them to shag people who repel them enough to replace themselves.

Israeli culture is sexually antagonistic.  Relationships are a power struggle of epic proportions.  So now there’s a study to state the obvious.

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