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Morbid Greeting Card, a woman with a very big afto with a halo around it sits with her hands hovering above a stylized skull on a stand with purple cloth draped around it. She has a black bird, something between a crow and a guinea fowl sitting on her head. The style is reminiscent of church icons.
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Morbid Greeting Card or Built In Halo, 2 Versions

This is another image I stumbled into with Dawn Ai R.I.P. while we negotiated through prompts to get a different result. Some of the things they’d come up with along the way weren’t what I was aiming for at the time, but they were interesting enough that I figured I could do something with them…

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stop saying “Check on your strong friends” and START being COMMUNITY! – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Checking on your strong friend it’s not enough. There is no such thing as the strong friend because we are all the strong friend. We must be village again.

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Comment on ‘Tantura’ Documentary Reopens Debate About Israel’s Foundational Story – The New York Times

A lasting settlement with the Palestinians will only be possible, he said, if both sides recognize each other’s historical narratives. And in Israel’s case, this meant recognizing that while Arabs also committed atrocities in 1948, many Palestinians “got thrown out of here by force.”“Saying, ‘Yes, it happened,’ doesn’t mean that we don’t have a right…

Murcof Maiz
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Goodbye Uncle Fester

[responsivevoice_button] It has taken me awhile to sit down and write about it. On June 18 or 19, it was unclear from the posts by mutual friends, the man I once affectionately nicknamed Fester committed suicide by jumping from a window. This makes him the fifth man to die violently after hurting me intimately; the…