Honesty: “I Won’t Survive”

This is at once a parody and how a woman being honest feels when someone who broke her heart really badly returns.

I Won’t Survive

It’s why I am afraid

Why I’m petrified

Thinking about how it would be

To have you by my side

But then if you left me again

Or once more did me wrong

Could I be strong?

Would I know how to carry on?

So now you’re back

From outer space

I overestimated then

But now I know my place.

Since you I put my heart on lock

And then I threw away the key.

I even understand

Why you never respected me.

Before you go

Walk out that door.

Just hear me out now.

I’m not angry anymore.

You really hurt me with a hell of a goodbye

And I did crumble.

I thought I’d lay down and die.

So I say I

I won’t survive.

I can’t go through that pain

And at the same time stay alive.

I have those for whom to live

And so though I do forgive

I must survive.

I must survive.

Even with all of my strength

I did fall apart.

There is just no way to mend

The pieces of my broken heart.

Though I no longer feel

Sorry for myself.

I sometimes cry.

It’s hard to hold my head too high.

Yes I have changed.

Not the girl you knew.

I still love you to the death

But I’m afraid of you.

So thank you for dropping in

But in a way you’ve set me free

Because now I understand

Nobody will ever love me like me.

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