Vengeance is Flattery

Don’t fear the vengeance or hatred of a woman whose heart you broke. The time for that fear, if ever, was before you got involved.

After the fact, it’s just the price of doing business, and you should suck it up and take your knocks like a man.

If a woman doesn’t hate you for breaking her heart, then she never saw you as a man. You never had any power over her, and she never dreamed that you might be the one.

If you did stimulate love in her, then her vengeance (or justice if she was raised with honor) will be epic.  You will pay dearly, and she will ensure this is so even if she destroys herself in the process.

If she is not willing to destroy herself — to dash her soft, fragile body and soul upon the stones of your indifference, then you failed to inspire her to love you.

So take heart and delight in every trial and every closed door and every beating and every tragedy that befalls you as a result of harming a woman’s soul.  You couldn’t have harmed it without touching it.

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