The Cowardly Liar

I am beginning to see the horror in zombie movies.  When someone dumps you, they should go away and never be seen again.  You should be able to kill them in your mind, and at least try to kill them in your heart, and move on.  If they lied about everything, then they weren’t a real person to begin with, so the person you loved never existed.  So they should just die and stay dead.

…but just my luck, Psatanish would not just stay in the ground…not even after my once a week or two drunk dialed why-did-you-lie-to-me and such.  Not even after that was over and I just did a purging ceremony/funeral and just never spoke to him again.

About a week ago, I got friended on Facebook by someone claiming to be a local who’d seen me in “merkaz hacarmel” (people actually from here just say “the carmel” or if they live really close “the merkaz” or “the center”) and at “charly’s pub” (anyone who’s been there knows it’s Charlie’s or Charlie Bar).  His profile had a picture of a faceless model pulling off his shirt, a shot almost every Israeli model has done, and a cover photo of a street at night.

At first, I thought he might be someone I’ve met or seen and just don’t remember.  Then he tells me that he was staring at me in “charly’s” and his girlfriend got jealous and started a fight about it.

Now, the Charlie’s main bar is about the size of a livingroom.  From any part of the bar, you can see just about all of the rest of the bar.  If a guy is staring at me there, I would see that, and if a fight started, everybody would see it and because we are in Israel, be involved in it.  So that never happened.  Some of you out there would say that it is impossible that something of this sort could happen, and you might be right.  Nothing like this happened to me before in my life.

So…needless to say, I was suspicious, but I didn’t let on at that point.  I asked if he had a photo, and of course, he wouldn’t send me one.  He invited me for coffee, but when I recommended a public place, he backed down.  He told me that his girlfriend had cheated on him, and he wanted to have sex with me.  I said no, but coordinated with a couple of friends that we’d all go out to a strip club or something to help him get it out of his system.  Of course, he declined.  As the talking went on, things started to sound overly familiar, down to the leaving the country with the girlfriend.  So apparently even his made up characters are immigration whores.

Anyway, he basically went from trying to get into my pants to trying to get me on webcam to trying to get me to look at his willy on webcam, but not wanting to show his face.  It was crafted to lure me into something.  I guess he initially wanted to lure me into meeting somewhere private for I don’t know what, and it switched to trying to lure me into doing some kinky things online that wouldn’t be associated with his real name because then everybody would know he’s a psycho posting photos his girlfriend who obviously loved him dearly sent, as revenge for…not being enough of a bitch I guess.

Anyway, the patterns looked familiar, and Psatanish bragged to me in the past about making fake profiles to spy on his enemies in the supposed legal problems he’s having, so I decided to run the text of both conversations through the text analyzer we both know so well.  I got a laugh some time ago about Psatanish writing like a weak female/female.  Same laughter at running through this supposed “charly’s” guy with jealous girlfriend.  So I gave both a piece of my mind:

Y***** S*******, next time you want to send spies to test me, remember that not everyone is a lying waste of carbon like you. Some of us are exactly who and what we say we are. I’ll go very far on good faith and trust in the context of a loving relationship, but I won’t go across the street for someone who’s just a penis on an incubator. You might also want to read some tips from writers on creating a character/persona. That shit was transparent.

How in the hell were you or whoever you sent, planning to meet me without me seeing your/their face at some point? And did you actually think I was dumb enough to go to someone’s home for a “shower” without meeting them in a public place first? Did you not think that I would be the least bit suspicious of someone who wouldn’t even send a photo of their face, but wants to show me their cock?Did you really think so little of me? Or is it that you need to convince yourself that I was some kind of raging slut who would jump on anything, so you could justify your being a lying piece of shit?

Nevermind. I know you won’t answer that because you always run away from reality. You’re a fucking coward. If you weren’t, you’d have just admitted you were wrong or hey, not gotten involved with me in the first place because, as you say, I live too far away, and you are leaving the country.Just don’t send any more spies or make up fake profiles to try to lure me into doing things you can show to people as proof that I’m a loose woman or something. It’s a waste of both our time…and if your objective was to lure me into something else because you want to silence me, be aware that I am never really alone, even when it looks like I am. Haifa is not Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or wherever it is you really are.

Funny that...His reply, maybe 5 minutes later was:




So I said:

You made that clear, liar.

Now if it wasn’t you shut the fuck up and crawl away like usual.

But instead of going his merry way, he has to add:

You are delusional, and i did my best to be nice to you, but you are really starting to get on my nerves. do i need to block you or what?

So I blocked both his sorry asses.

WTF?  I haven’t spoken to or communicated with this dude in weeks, and I’m somehow, I suppose telepathically, harassing him by telling him not to do all that stuff he says he does when he’s pissed off at people or trying to get some dirt on them? I’m supposed to trust him after that, and after the bait and switch he did to me?

…and why would he not at least check the profile of the guy I supposedly mistook for him, at least to clear his name or make sure one of his friends wasn’t imitating him or doing some mess that could backfire?

He can’t post the photos or video I sent to him under his normal name because he knows that if he does, we are already prepared for this, and I will post the logs of our entire interaction since last November.  The best that can possibly turn out is that he’d be revealed as a con artist and/or emotional rapist, and his NLP career will be over.  In the worst case, well, he has enemies aside of my pissed off friends who would love to bury him.

So in order to try to get some dirt on me, he has to try to lure me with a different name.  Not gonna happen.  I am who I am in the dark and the light, and now that I know he’s fucked in the head, I don’t friend any new people who created profiles after the breakup unless I know them personally.  I should have known something was wrong with that boy when his reaction to being loved, supported, and simply asked for a yes or no answer as to whether or not he wanted that to continue, was a hissy fit.

At this point I am asking myself how I let such a pussy put his hands on me.  I really hope this is the end of it.

I did nothing wrong to this man.  In fact, I went out of my way to be as loving and supportive as possible.  He lied to me and manipulated me into a relationship, for what purpose I don’t know for certain, but it strongly appears was basically just some sort of green card scam.  It’s that or he’s mentally ill and actually believes that a girl sending him a topless dancing video that he explicitly asked for is harassing him.

Afterwards, I just told my friends and some concerned colleagues what was going on, but have done nothing to publicly smear his name.  Maybe I’m being too kind.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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