Devil Who???

Who's the devil worshiper?Being completely wrong about someone or something is a situation I really hate to be in…and boy was I wrong about the CH.  This is yet another case when I probably should have listened better to my male friends.  Again, I learn the hard way that men know men better than women could wish to, even know-it-alls like me.

When attempting to understand how a game blog can turn into an omega self pity party I had to break down the defensiveness, and realize it has always been a pity party.  I just refused to see it.  Again, as I began to learn in my bitch epiphany, I was overly tolerant and coddling men, which keeps them in a pussified state, rather than being rightfully disgusted by the disgusting.

I was trying not to be oversensitive, trying to listen, trying not to take offense to someone just having a different perspective.  The whining did get to be too much from time to time, so I’d take a break, hoping that it was just a phase.  Then I’d return only to find it worse, and the screaming of the wretched reaching an even more feverish pitch.

So then I told myself it just the commenters.  The actual blog author can’t be promoting the wuss-out, right?  I mean, he sees that people are way too trashy across the board for such a thing to be sustainable, right?  He knows that there are separatist groups with inferiority complexes where people end up genetically imploding, right?  Dudes screwing their daughters?  Basements full of missing teenagers, and back yards full of the bones of unsuccessful recruits?  The dirty goldfish bowl version of a herd can’t be the solution for strengthening men as individuals, right?

Apparently, some people are actually that stupid, and stupidly, I referred guys to that blog of future incest case mugshots like a Christian handing out tracts.

I’m a quick study though.  Nobody needs to tell me twice that their goal is basically to create the new “white” nation (on Native American land, mind you) and then rule everybody else.  It’s not really scary since nobody can really get past Phase 1 of that without someone in the leadership getting a little too overexcited about “purity”.  It’s just…weak.

It’s just so weak.

You have competition, so you’re going to make a captive audience who can’t get away from you?

It is this weakness of mind that is why they don’t get past Phase 1.  Someone who doesn’t have the stones to compete with other men, doesn’t have the self discipline not to beat up or shag anything that is vulnerable near him.  They are too fearful because they either lacked any initiation to manhood, or weasled out of it, or did badly and didn’t try again or find an alternative way to show their worth…or their culture sucks so bad that their initiation to manhood was too easy or irrelevant to anything that matters.

They are frustrated because they can’t compete in a diverse market, and because even if they went back to Europe, the actual European men who grew up in actual European cultures that aren’t completely broken, would still wipe the floor with them.

So they have holes in their minds.

There’s a disconnect that makes them think that they were God fearing people while hanging African men because their elite convinced them that they have to do that to survive…and they’re God fearing men when they’re turning a blind eye to their leaders polygamously marrying up all the young girls and excommunicating the unruly boys.  They’re God fearing people while kissing the ass of their elite and, as manipulated to, lording their broke, indebted, infrastructure overly dependent, pathologically socially dependent “whiteness” over others…but we’re devil worshipers for adhering to the belief systems that successfully liberate us from that unsustainable hierarchy.

We’re the devil worshipers…Pagans of all colors, some of whom are really ethnic nationalists following their Ancestral faiths, and getting out there and actually defending their people.  Those of us who freed ourselves and don’t look back.  Some of us whose Ancestors had slaves and admire them for achieving freedom and a better life, instead of resenting them and blaming them for whatever failures exist in our cultures.

We are somehow the ones who are wrong and going to -heh- hell (actually Hel, not that any of them cares about the truth).

This is how I can give an account of defending myself from bullies, and this becomes justifying atrocities against “entirely innocent” people.  They’re innocent because they’re “white”, and I’m guilty because I’m “black”.

…but I am projecting my dysfunction on them.



Well…fuck ’em.

I sincerely feel sorry for any woman those nasty cretins manage to get hold of.  I feel even more sorry for the kids.

Sooner or later, we’re probably going to hear of a mass murder case, or some compound is going to be raided, and they’ll find out it was led by one of the self pity partyers.

Most likely though, since he wants separation, that’s exactly what he’ll get.  His 15 minutes of fame on the internet will just peter out once everyone figures out they’re getting advice from a guy who hates their blood, and is, in this context, just setting them up for failure.

The message of the blog is no longer butch up, learn to behave alpha, and get laid.  It’s “white” women are the best in every way, and everybody should agree, and if only we could make a “white” paradise in America, where they didn’t have any other choice, they would see that we’re the best for them, and superior to other men.  Then we wouldn’t need game.  We could just be all civilized and all rich and all important.  Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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