A Successful Woman, 100, still takes care of disabled son, 62

Madam Meliah, a successful woman

She may be 100 years old and weak.But that has not stopped Madam Meliah Md Diah from looking after her disabled son, 62-year-old Abdul Rahman Saud.”The seizures he suffered as a child caused him to be like this. He can only lie on his front and move about bit by bit,” said the widow, who lives with her son in a wooden house in Bukit Nambua, Kedah.Mr Rahman is her youngest child. Two of her other children died during infancy and a third died at the age of 23.Since the death of her husband 20 years ago, Madam Meliah has been taking care of Mr Rahman on her own.Her grand-nephew Mohd Sufian A Rahman, who lives next door, helps whenever he can.He buys groceries for the mother and son, and helps Madam Meliah move Mr Rahman.

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