AI Assisted Art Experiments: Taueret

Best AI of of Taueret
After seeing what some artists did with various deities, I decided to run Taueret through an AI art app, Dawn AI.

Majestic “humanoid hippopotamus”, even with lots of detail was a bit too much for the machine, but I did discover one thing it was good for: layout. It arranges things well. So with a few hours more work, I pulled some good things out of it.


Best AI of of Taueret
I took the best face and best body the machine could come up with.

became this:

Taueret after drawing a few hours.
Taueret after drawing a few hours.

So it’s helpful. There’s still a long way to go though.

These are a couple of images I adjusted from one of the machine’s many many mistakes. This was about 2-3 hours into trying to get the text right so the computer could understand.

Taueret Abstract

The original image is completely abstract, but extremely interesting. I did some drawing and smearing to make it somewhat recognizable as a hippopotamus-like being. I am considering using it for‘s logo.

Taueret Portrait

This last one, I redid the entire face, but the machine did seem to understand that both braids and protection were important. Just being a computer, it prioritized them equally in the image.

This one took a lot of adjustment, but I got to practice using the layers in Corel 2023.

Taueret with a kalleidoscope background

I think it’s finally out of my system now. If I don’t do any more in a few weeks, I’ll go on and post these on my Behanced as a project.

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