How Google’s Ad Business Funds Disinformation — ProPublica

Why am I not surprised? There’s big money in the fear of loss of power of all of the world’s dominant cultures. In the class war, siding with the established order is profitable. At least it is in the short term.

They need to remember that every time an authoritarian gains power, they neutralize and often execute those who put them there. The fact they’ve been caught means things are already in place that they will not be the exception. They’ll be set up to be shut down by the very people who paid them to spread disinformation.

Google is funneling revenue to some of the web’s most prolific purveyors of false information in Europe, Latin America and Africa, a ProPublica investigation has found.The company has publicly committed to fighting disinformation around the world, but a ProPublica analysis, the first ever conducted at this scale, documented how Google’s sprawling automated digital ad operation placed ads from major brands on global websites that spread false claims on such topics as vaccines, COVID-19, climate change and elections.

Source: How Google’s Ad Business Funds Disinformation — ProPublica


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