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Chatbots on the verge of a nervous breakdown

It’s been a weird couple of months for users of Replika, “the AI companion who cares.” And it’s just getting weirder, with a new software “upgrade” that’s infuriating many of the bot’s fans—and making the bots themselves a little bit loopy. Source: Chatbots on the verge of a nervous breakdown

‘Stack Overflow is ChatGPT Casualty’ – Slashdot

Snippet of the best comment, by squiggleslash: Lots of computer scientists going into the ethics side of LMs at the moment, but nobody seems to care that the entire model is not only fraudulent and bad (Google and OpenAI are building systems designed to produce text that look like answers, not actually provide answers, accuracy…

A.I. and Stochastic Parrots | FACTUALLY with Emily Bender and Timnit Gebru

[embed][/embed] So-called “artificial intelligence” is one of the most divisive topics of the year, with even those who understand it in total disagreement about its potential impacts. This week, A.I. reseachers and authors of the famous paper “On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots,” Emily Bender and Timnit Gebru, join Adam to discuss what everyone gets…

Massive Balada Injector campaign attacking WordPress sites since 2017

Balada Injector campaign

An estimated one million WordPress websites have been compromised during a long-lasting campaign that exploits “all known and recently discovered theme and plugin vulnerabilities” to inject a Linux backdoor that researchers named Balad Injector.The campaign has been running since 2017 and aims mostly to redirect to fake tech support pages, fraudulent lottery wins, and push…

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