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The Nile is in Egypt but Denial is in Babylon

On the other side of that madness we call love, since the person I loved didn’t exist, it’s time for strategy.  I learned a lot from this past experience.  It taught me how to spot a closet feminist and/or male green card whore. Red flags listed in hindsight, for the benefit of other women who…

It’s Definitely Not Fear

[caption id="attachment_355" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="April 2, 2011 Swimming in my clothes"][/caption] The gloom seems to have been a phase.  Since that day, I seem to be well sorted and strangely more attractive.  Perhaps not sexually so, but sentimentally, which is fine.  Even my dance has shifted a bit.  I was using mostly Arab music, but…

First eBay Sell

Today, I made my first sale through eBay.  I was a bit skeptical about whether or not it would be more effective than selling through my websites, but figured I’d try it.  So far, I’ve managed to sell one necklace.  Hopefully the others will sell too.

Fire Juggling

So now that I’ve tamed my inner bitch well enough, I’m attracting a new set of guys and re-attracting old boyfriends who once took me for granted.  Hypatia is not just a good personal trainer, but a fabulous femininity coach as well. This is all still so new to me though, that I’m afraid I…


Well, last night was interesting.  They were supposed to have a “Black music” (rap, hip-hop, r&b) night at the Levinsky, and I promised UV (one of Jacuzzi’s ex boyfriends who manages pubs and such) that I’d be there.  So after the nightly walk with Hypatia, I went to the Brown to hang out until the…

The Abyss Stares Back: Who’s the Bitch?

As some of you already know, after the whole Vegeta (formerly Feng Shui) thing a couple of years ago, I was angry, confused, and looking for answers.  So, curious about what really goes on in the minds of men, I wandered into a PUA/relationship advice for men blog ,Roissy in DC, now called Citizen Renegade. …

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