Why Dorks Pick on Fatties

In the military, many of us get the advice to be very mindful that when you fire a shot, you are giving away your position.

Spend enough time on the internet, and you’ll encounter reams of text on the horror that is the fat woman.  According to many anonymous yet apparently intellectual males, not only should fat women be avoided by guys who they don’t turn on, but by guys who like or prefer them.

The shagging of the fat has been described as everything from just gross, to the fat horse of the apocalypse.  Fat women (never fat men) are supposedly a burden on the economy, purposefully uglifying themselves to express hatred of men (ya know, they say they hate Oprah, and yet buy her 80-90’s hype about sexual abuse/misandry = fat woman), and unworthy to live.

It’s obvious that whenever you see over-the-top yet droll, parrotted hatred coming from so many people about a particular group who aren’t harming them personally, it’s about herd dynamics.  Why though, do we see most of the hate parade coming out of the slacker, dork, and ‘sperg (probably not really autistic, just maladjusted) groups?

This is not to say that all slackers, dorks, and ‘spergs are raging kooks.  Some of them don’t care, are independent enough not to fall for the moral panic du jour, or don’t see the logic in picking on people who aren’t hurting anyone but perhaps themselves.  It’s just that no serious fat basher I have ever seen has been what I or just about anyone would describe as “cool”.

I’ve seen cool people discuss obesity.  Some are well informed.  Some of them are just as misinformed as almost everybody else.  There’s a limit to how far a cool person will go to make someone who hasn’t done anything to them miserable.  When they do decide to target someone they don’t like, or to boost their social standing, it’s usually personal, and designed not to reflect badly on them.  It’s the other person who’s supposed to be humiliated, not them.

A cool person would become a weight loss guru, tell people to “get real”, and maybe even make some money promoting their $olution.  A cool person who was evil would orchestrate a prank, and make it seem “all in good fun”, and the target look like the oversensitive crybaby.  Dorks of the fat bashing variety just go over the top to make themselves look like part of the cool people club.  They don’t do something constructive that would solve what they view as a problem.  If they do come up with what they believe is a solution, it’s something that is already being done by others.  They pretend they invented the idea of picking on fat people.  (Sorry, Roissy, you have to take your knocks on this one.  It was unoriginal.)

Why do they do it though?  The answer is twofold, but simple.  The first reason is that they’re sheep.  Most people are though.  The reason this particular branch of the herd has their panties in a wad over fat women is that well…they’re not Lesbians.

If you’ve read The Satanic Witch, you know where most slackers, dorks, and nerd wannabes lie on the Synthesizer Clock: between 3 and 6, or “intellectual and feminine”.  Some of the less intelligent are still on the feminine to earthy lower half of the clock, though it’s rare since they would have to be more socially adept to be on the left half.

The type of women they like the most are between 9 and 12 or earthy and dominant.  These women happen to have the “self discipline” to be slim.  Being on the more dominant upper half of the clock, they have the willingness to starve, take drugs, and do whatever it takes to be thin.  They are also social and attract people because of their natural drive, ambition, and relatively strong wills.  Act like a princess, and people treat you like one, right?

In earlier times, these women (often whores by nature, but usually just dominant and not as emotionally motivated) would gravitate towards intellectual-feminine guys.  They usually have financial stability and aren’t so much social competition.  These guys don’t take risks that could possibly unseat them from their socioeconomic throne.

The hot college girl and the professor are a natural match.  His nature is nesting and feminine, but he is in a dominant position where his masculinity gets to shine.  The hot college girl’s nature is dangerous and masculine, but she is in a submissive position, so her femininity gets to shine.  There’s no problem until the society interrupts the natural balance.

Along with the promotion of the masculinized beauty ideal has come the promotion of the supermasculine male ideal.  Yeah, I find it funny too, that the kinder, gentler male is being socially enforced in the schools and workplaces of the western world, but thug love is what’s hot on the television.

So all women, regardless of their natural dominance or submissiveness, are being herded towards a limited set of guys: 11-1 o’clocks, or earthy to intellectual superdominants.

The nutty professors, who would normally attract the hot dominatrixes like flies, are getting left out in the cold.  They are being told that they should settle for the more feminine, more submissive, and more prone to be fat, girls…girls who are way too much like them.  A dorky kind of guy would have to be kind of a Lesbian to like a dorky kind of girl, but this is being promoted as today’s “perfect match”.  Screw that.

Their anger is understandable, even though their way of coping with it is stupid.

Now, before any of you out there says, “But wait a minute.  You’re an earthy feminine type, and your first husband is an engineer, your second is a computer geek with something that looks like an H.R. Giger sculpture under his desk, and your current boyfriend is another engineer,” bear in mind that they are intellectual dominants.  The first husband was in a job in which he travelled a lot, and so is the current boyfriend.  The second husband is a retired cop.  They have brains, but they’re not what anybody would call “nesting”.  I am the pit crew to their inner hot rod.

Though they’re not my cup of tea as far as romance, the more feminine type of guys are like “my people”.  We are all getting short changed by the current system.  All our animas are getting no respect, sometimes not even from ourselves.

So when a dork starts picking on a fat chick, what he’s doing is status jockeying within the feminine hierarchy.  He doesn’t know this.  He thinks that just because he has a penis, he is the dominating oppressor (thanks to feminist, misandrist programming).  He doesn’t know why he doesn’t pick on fat men at all or the same way.  He thinks it’s because men’s looks mean nothing to women, as opposed to different things.  He doesn’t realize that his need to seem better than fat women is because the second layer of his personality is a skinny woman.  He is behaving like a girl, and so very not the way dominant men do.

His slip is showing.

It’s not wrong for him to be who he is.  It’s not wrong for him to react to being slighted by society with anger.  It’s just stupid for him to be shooting at the wrong targets: his sisters who are just as screwed by the same society as him.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. I don’t support most of the theories in LaVey’s work, especially concerning sexuality. It’s too easy to go into his (basically) opposites attract theory.

    I’ve always found those most willing to insult were the ones with the most sef-dissatisfaction. I’ve never met a person who was happy with themselves and their lives who went about with aggressive and destructive intent.

  2. I respect that you don’t agree with LaVey, but how do you explain how these men got to be so dissatisfied with themselves that they don’t care that they fight like girls about girly things?

    What about themselves are they dissatisfied with?

    It reminds me very much of some Black and Jewish women’s reactions to bm/ww or jm/gw interethnic competition and dating. The vitriol, the attempts to ridicule people about an isolated physical feature that may usually, but often does not have anything to do with the rest of their physical beauty or personality. Then there’s the pseudoscientific justifications for acting like harpies.

    “I am being a bitch because someone in a white coat says that you people…”

    No personal responsibility to be found. They justify harming or attempting to harm others who have not harmed or tried to harm them with some irrelevant data from left field.

    I noticed this way back in my Usenet days, but couldn’t put my finger on what exactly the issues were. There was a difference between the men who just bought the hype, and those who were willing to go the extra mile to try to make people feel bad or under attack for not conforming or trying hard enough to. That difference is level of dominance/masculinity.

    Feminine men have nothing to lose from acting hysterical.

  3. This theory is very interesting. When I think of it, most guys I’ve known to really ridicule women for being fat are definitely on the feminine side.

    Feminine “lazy” women just need good leaders. They need men who can guide them and motivate them to take care of themselves and keep a healthy weight. Unfortunately our society expects them to solve the problem by themselves.

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