Knesset committee okays bill sharply limiting judicial review; opposition: ‘Putsch’ | The Times of Israel

Knesset committee okays bill sharply limiting judicial review; opposition: ‘Putsch’ | The Times of Israel by Jeremy Sharon (

Opposition MKs boycott the final Constitution Committee vote at Knesset in protest at conduct of panel; Yisrael Beytenu MKs denounce legislation as a ‘regime putsch’

The government-backed bill to radically restrict the High Court of Justice’s ability to strike down unconstitutional legislation was approved in the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Wednesday morning and will now be sent for its first reading in the Knesset plenum, amid opposition outrage directed at committee chair MK Simcha Rothman for his management of the process.Opposition lawmakers boycotted the final votes in committee approving the bill for its first reading in the Knesset plenum, after Rothman granted only one MK from each Knesset faction the right to speak for five minutes.“This is a dictatorship and the silencing of people’s opinions, we won’t be part of it. Vote among yourselves” shouted Hadash MK Ofer Cassif at Rothman.

Source: Knesset committee okays bill sharply limiting judicial review; opposition: ‘Putsch’ | The Times of Israel

Having read Dune, for all its authors flaws, prepared me for this. Sometimes people need some time experiencing tyranny to understand why not to allow tyranny.

At the beginning, the wealthy enjoy the tyranny because the tyrant promised them all sorts of shared power. They support the tyrant and promise their less wealthy underlings some of their shared power. So everybody who’s greedy for power and angling to gain control over others gets in on the scheme because they think they will rule everyone else.

Inevitably though, once they get settled in, all tyrants start taking out the competition. They kill, exile, or otherwise neutralize the very wealthy people who helped them get into power. Then the suppression of individual rights that the broke supporters boosted thinking they wouldn’t be the ones being oppressed, start to close in on them.

It’s one thing to believe, in theory, that Israel should be a homogenous ethnostate with nobody but Jews, but what happens when the leaders who bring about this utopia decide that say, Ashkenazim are not really Jews? If you’ve been watching the right wing propaganda that is going around, you clearly see where things are headed. Many of the religious people supporting the plan to get rid of all the non Jews don’t get that the Aryan theory mythology that scaffolds the right wing ideology, casts them as imposters.

They’ll be useful idiots for awhile, but one day this thing is going to turn on them. The signal that there will be no turning back will be mandatory DNA testing. By the current religious law, descendants of converts are not eligible for full religious participation for 10 generations. So if Jewishness is ever determined by both a degree of religious participation (such as recognition of their birthdate on the Jewish calendar + circumcision for amab people) and whatever they determine is a sufficiently Semitic genetic profile, quite a few people here might be left out. It depends where they set the line.

Now that Knesset can override Bagatz, mandatory DNA testing is an entirely possible thing to happen in Israel.

As an immigrant, I’m just hoping they don’t revoke my citizenship or decide it’s okay to kill me. My position as the outsider and potential outcast is pretty solid already. I know what their agenda is for me.

Same as in the U.S. though, the people who should really be scared right now are those in the in-group. I am not the target audience of the current tyrants, so I am not the one they need to carry out their plans. If the country goes full fascist, I’m either going to be forced into hiding, deported, or tortured and murdered. I’m not going to be forced to breed cannon fodder, and I’m too old and fat to be wrangled into some government official’s harem.

My daughter might be in some danger for certain reasons, but well, mumble mumble cough. We’ll just arrange for her to be working in Ghana, Zimbabwe, or maybe Togo when they start doing the blood tests.

Nah, if I was a prime eugenic specimen, I would be scared shitless right now.



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  1. @IronWynch The instant this becomes law Israel is in the same moral bucket as Russia, China and Hungary

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