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Baltimore seems to be the great Black dream: the mayor is Black, the Chief of Police is Black and about half the police force (including some of those charged with Freddie Gray’s death) are Black. All this under a twice-elected Black President. Yet things are clearly going south. What’s going on?In a word? Class. Eugene Robinson talks about this in a book he wrote a few years back called Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America. In it, he makes the case that as an unintended consequence of the Civil Rights Era, Black America has actually splintered or broken apart into what he argues are four distinct “mini-Black Americas” – which are not only distinct from each other, but are increasingly, to use Charles Murray’s title of his excellent book, “coming apart”.The most isolated subgroup here are what Robinson calls The Abandoned – which brings us to Baltimore.

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My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. “the mayor is Black, the Chief of Police is Black and about half the police force (including some of those charged with Freddie Gray’s death) are Black. All this under a twice-elected Black President. ”


    and increasingly, computers and machines are making decision on black people.

    Think about the captcha code I had to understand and use to post this reply?

    No matter how many distinct “classes” you divide black people into; the architecture is orchestrated by a parasite, rent seeking class that maintains and feeds off the division.
    Hierarchy is a normal part of human culture and will self correct and present organically if allowed; but what you have in these post industrial, northern, urban decaying, liberal cities like Baltimore is completely artificial and ultimately unsustainable.
    In the U.S there is big money to be made “managing” black people; and not just the so called “under class”; although thats where the techniques and money is most visible. Producing and getting middle and upper class black people into the consumer and debt based life style is an even larger often undetected component.

    The northern liberal parasite class started as a WASP/Jewish alliance and though it may have had noble beginnings; the phenomenon of compound interest has completely taken over all motive and the cart now drives the horse.

    The beast has truly grown larger than its master and they are now forced to keep feeding it in order to keep it from eating them.

    “Black Lives Matter” is a mass temper tantrum for people angry at their fathers. Its funded and organized by that parasite class I mentioned; and will be wielded by them like a club to support their rent seeking, extortion and debt farming activities…
    The blacks will receive some tokens and crumbs… but the main benefit is “attention” from white people. They should rename it “Black Lives Matter To White People” because thats what they’re after. They didn’t get it from their fathers so now they are gonna “act out” until they get it from white people.

    Its unfortunate because such an organization sucks time and energy from black people that would be better spent on smaller, local economic and educational activities designed to ween them off the rent seeking/debt farming plantation.
    Black people need to prepare NOW for the day when white people can no longer throw money and benefits at them to shut them up; because its coming.
    Complaining about racism is not the same as coming up with INDIVIDUAL compensatory BEHAVIORS and PRACTICING them. Why do black people seem unable and/or unwilling to take such a simple step?

    It is my opinion black people can’t tell their children the truth about racism without in some measure also discrediting themselves as a “parent” in the process. For example, when it comes to black criminals and crime; the punishment is NOT jail, or prison; its that criminal record, because it never goes away. In these all black schools the male children should be given this “talk” the same way the girls are pulled out of class, sent to the auditorium and given the “talk” about sexual harassment, pregnancy… in 6th grade.

    “In it, he makes the case that as an unintended consequence of the Civil Rights Era, Black America has actually splintered or broken apart into what he argues are four distinct “mini-Black Americas”
    I submit to you the concept of “Black America” never exist in the first place; so how could it splinter or break apart?
    Inmates in a prison are not a community; neither are black people. Whores in a whore house are not a community and neither are dogs in a kennel.

    If a community is not voluntary, does it really qualify as a community?
    What is more valuable than a voluntary agreement?

    • No ethnic community is truly voluntary, at least not physically. If it is at all, then this choice was made by our spirits, and then the question would be why our spirits fit our current bodies. If one believes that we are our Ancestors returned, which would work well with the physical reality of DNA, raw genetics and epigenetics, then that is even more reason to embrace the reality of who and where we are now instead of considering unrealistic alternatives. Those unrealistic alternatives are, in my opinion, how the multikult gains compliance from African Americans and other people of color living in western countries.

      The African American community is a sort of community of inmates, for the most part, but today there is enough contact and exchange with the motherland (Africa) and enough crystallization of identity among Native Americans, as well as enough political and cultural partnership with Europe, that even mixed African Americans who are educated enough, have no excuse for lack of identity. We choose consciously whether we are embracing our DNA and working it to our advantage as individuals and community, or buying into the multikult in hopes that the new nationally over focused identity will raise our status.

      Though I personally consider the “sellout” option distasteful, I don’t actually fault anyone for what they do to survive. I do however, believe it crucial that educated and materially successful African Americans do their share in uplifting our people to a point where they have that choice. Lack of parental guidance and education, or miseducation and misguidance, is why almost half of our people do not see the options, and therefore do not feel they have much choice.

      I like to handle the spiritual end, showing people that there are alternatives to “white” Jesus. The emphasis on the Ancestors has helped not only African Americans, but people of many cultures who have come across the information, to see their options, and immunize themselves from the mind viruses. In their way, my parents also do their part. They are successful African Americans whose Jesus is at least distinctly Jewish, and who stay in the community and promote actual community down to helping each other get out from under debt slavery, become more self sufficient, and educate children and young people to not fall into the traps. My brother does his bit as an artist to create within the sphere of the community, and not become dependent on the external money or validation.

      So, from a certain point of view, membership in the community is somewhat voluntary. One can choose to be an asset to it or not. Unfortunately, once some people reach a certain level of status and power, they choose to ignore their people. This is how we get a Baltimore situation. It was better, in most of the higher status African Americans’ eyes to enjoy the benefits of being posterchildren for the multikult than to use their position to better the situation of their people.

  2. BTW, is this the same “Obsidian” that got kicked out of The Chateau?

    I only knew about him because the racists there accused me of being him and I had no idea who they were talking about.

    • Yes, it is him. He was banned because even before it became clear that the blog was feminationalist, Obsidian was too much truth.

      The would rather accuse you of being him, and me of being you or both of you, than to consider that perhaps aware Africans see a side of the issues that they can’t. There’s also the hypocrisy factor.

      When we say we’re against feminism, we’re against feminism. When they say they’re against feminism, what they really mean is that they wish they were rewarded more for their conformity. The whole blog is a tantrum against the women who didn’t have sex with them for being nice. They had the chance to grow past that, but seem to be unable.

      Obsidian, like yourself, pointed out the dissonance, and for this, it was decided that he had to go.

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