Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome

Last night, I had a dream that pretty much encapsulated my true feelings about the eurocentric brand of Christianity.

It began like most of my family road trip dreams do.  My parents, brothers and I are going along a country road.  Dad is driving, and Mom is smiling, and my younger brothers and I are still kids.  The youngest and southern style adopted brother has been in these dreams since a few years ago when I got to meet him in person and initiated him to “the kids” by startling.

He’s usually about 5 years old in my dreams, and my biological brother is usually around 10 even though this isn’t chronologically accurate.

In any case, we’re driving along and then at some point, we get a flat tire.  This is pretty normal for my dreams too.  Usually we get some help from a local mechanic or villagers or somehow find ourselves in southern Italy or West Africa.  So it didn’t bother me much when a family came out to help us.  They invited us into their home, and fed us, and we sat around quietly, waiting while Dad and the father of this family supposedly fixed the flat tire.

At some point, Mom got up to go outside and see what was going on.  Then later, Dad came back indoors for a break, but Mom and the host family’s dad didn’t come in behind him.  When he turned around, they were both gone, and he started to worry.  Then us kids started to worry.  At that moment, when I looked around, my brothers and I were adults, and went out with Dad to find Mom.

For some reason, when we got to the back yard, it turned out to be a gigantic amusement park.  This place is familiar to my dreams as well.  We split up to go look for her.  I asked many people if they had seen my mother.  Somewhere along the way, I noticed a pattern.  When I asked White people where she was, they looked at me as if they didn’t understand what I was saying.  When I asked Black people where she was, they were as helpful as they could be.  They hadn’t seen her, but they would keep their eyes open.  After I noticed this, I looked around for the whitest person I could find, to experiment.  I asked a blonde, pale, and for some reason, rather busty chick behind the counter at the gift shop if she had seen my mother.  In a friendly, southern accent, she answered that she hadn’t seen her, but that she would help me look for her.  So she hung a “closed” sign on the register, came from behind the counter, and walked with me.

At some point, I looked at her butt for some reason, and stitched on the back pockets of her jeans were pentacles.  She apparently noticed my distraction, and grabbed my arm in a strong, grandmother-like way and said, “Hurry up!  No tellin’ what’s hap’nin to yer Mama!”

Then somehow, we ended up out of the amusement park and back around to the front of the house.  I’m not sure what inspired us to do it, but we raised our hands up, and then as we brought them down, the front wall of the house collapsed.  The room where Mom and the father of the host family was then exposed.  My Mom was tied to a chair with duct tape over her mouth, and the father was yelling and pointing a gun at her.  When the wall came down, he pointed the gun at us.  At that point, I realized I was holding hands with the blonde woman, and we were not afraid.

Then my Dad and brothers came to join us.  The host father was yelling incoherent things, and the room was full of crosses and Jesus statues and all manner of restraints and torture implements.  For some reason, he tore the tape off of my Mom’s mouth, and she screamed at us to just do as he says or he’ll kill us.  I’m not sure why, but the blonde girl began laughing and cursing out the host father.  My Dad and brothers were stunned by this, but I wasn’t, and I began laughing.

I woke up laughing, but then kind of sad.  I understood what the dream meant.

Though I have no intention of attempting to save my family from Christianity, since it’s not Christianity that is exactly the problem, it still makes me sad that they believe in the sick sorry excuse for a god that speaks nonsense and needs to threaten people with torture.  The very real threat of losing touch with Nature and by extension with God, is in becoming so fatally stupid that one destroys their lives, the lives of their children, and the world.

Another of the important things I’ve learned over the past few years is the extent to which people will ignore real suffering and sickness in the here and now, for the sake of some “greater good” or “hereafter”.   Feminism and its close companion, tacit dysgenicism are two excellent examples of ideologies that cause people real and deep suffering in their everyday lives, but promise that it is all for a good cause and so if one is suffering, it’s because they’re not adhering to the ideology hard enough.  It just cannot be, in their minds, that the ideology is inhumane and should be abandonned.

A question arose in the conversations around the manosphere as to why social conservatives and the religious who make up the vast majority of them, end up serving the will of the feminists even though they are supposedly opponents.  It is because, “A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created it.”

Anglo and some other flavors of northwestern European descended HBD believers, pay attention.  You’re about to get a diagram of one of your genetic scratches. The American and western European brand of secularism was invented by people whose mentality and therefore spirituality was too long term for their own good.  They were mostly Christians who believed in suffering on Earth for a reward in heaven.  This tendency did not come originally from Christianity as Jesus never told anyone, “Your suffering on Earth is fine since you’ll be rewarded in heaven,” when they came to him asking to be healed.  If the reports are true, he healed them then and there in physical, real world ways.

This very same tendency allowed feminism and dysgenicism to become part and parcel with secularism.  You suffer lonliness, childlessness until unsafe ages for first-births, a chaotic minefield and playground for sociopaths for a dating scene, and shallowness that makes intimacy either impossible, or an inhumanly frightening risk here and now for a “greater good”.  Your “hereafter” is supposedly a world without gender or racial discrimination.

Forget that on the other end of the spectrum from the dark side of discrimination is the light side of recognition.  Humans are evolved to feel more automatic empathic attachment to people who look similar to them, and at the same time, to be able to recognize the criminals among their own.  They have trouble recognizing the criminality or bad intentions of people who look substantially dissimilar to themselves, and if they ignore that fact, they can expose themselves to considerable danger.  Not to mention, an outsider can do damage either purposefully or inadvertently by breaking important cultural norms, simply because they are an outsider.  People don’t feel the same social obligation to those of different cultures or different classes within cultures.  No amount of rainbow politics is going to change these facts of human nature.

The genders should be treated differently because they have different biological capabilities and roles.  Gender is not a social construct.  No amount of feminist politics is going to change that fact of human nature either.

So the solution is to address people’s differences, and in a diverse nation, compensate for possible weaknesses in reasonable nationalism that may arise from the facts of human nature.  Many mistakes have been made due to the denial of differences, that are causing realtime suffering here and now.  The “greater good” and magical “hereafter” has not materialized in more than superficial ways.

We have a basically Black President of the U.S. now…but note that he is male, and regardless of his parentage, has a family with a mother and a father.  He has also made very public comments to the effect that he is a protective father.  I have little doubt that he will demand to meet and likely investigate all of his daughters’ potential suitors.

If that is “what a feminist looks like” then all men should be feminists…but that is not a feminist.  That is at most, a gender egalitarian.

His wife is also physically strong and sturdy, though she didn’t look in any way masculine until she reached the appropriate age for this.  Despite her stated ideology, even her foibles are typical of a very feminine minded woman.  She was an emotional near Black militant in her youth, and today wages a war on obesity, as if that is the root of the problem.  She waves the flag, but in real life, she married, had kids, likes to grow vegetables in her yard, and dresses like an older former cheerleader.

…not very feminist.

So the face folks of the United States are not doing a very good job of suffering in the here and now for the greater good.  It’s time for everybody to drop the facade.

…and it’s time for Black people who need a God who isn’t the equivalent of a redneck with a torture dungeon to wake up from their spiritual Stockholm syndrome.

Your legends spell out female hypergamy in the stories of Oshun and Obatala, Oshun and Shango, and Oshun and Ogun, in painful frankness.

Your real God doesn’t care if you believe in him or not so long as you believe in gravity and the existence of water and the like.  It is best for you because you’re a mortal human and he is Unfathomable and surpasses all, to get very intimate with the forces of nature, and if it helps you, give them names, learn their stories, and let yourself be overwhelmed with them so that you get the big picture drilled into your thick skulls.

Each ethnicities’ gods developed along with the ethnicity itself.  Adopting some other ethnicity’s gods is fine if you are truly more inclined to their mentality.  If not however, their gods will be distant from you and you will be distant from them.  You will miss the point, lose touch with nature, including your own, and be dragged down with whatever dysfunction plagues your adopted ethnicity and faith.

Some ethnicities die out because of storms or bad weather, or from conquest…but some simply fail to thrive.  The “hereafter” is failing to thrive.  As a result, even some White people, even if they’re not reclaiming their old gods, are abandoning the sick idea of the bite sized deity that made mistakes when he created the universe, and needs you to pray “gimmie” to correct them.

This may be weird, but most people I’ve encountered of any ethnicity who are abandoning, have the potential to abandon, or have already abandoned or been raised without the hereafter and gimmie-god mentality, tend to look a bit similar in certain ways.  It’s something in the eyes.  That observation isn’t exactly scientific.  Maybe it’s a kind of bias that causes me to look for certain cues.  I don’t know.

What saddens me a bit is that few of these people I’ve come across are Black.  It’s like they can let go of everything except the gimmie-god.  They’ve placed a lot of stock in that, perhaps because of the persecution complex, combined with actual historical and day to day reminders of being devalued by others and each other.  To accept the fact that nobody is going to save them is too depressing for some.  To open their minds to the idea that intimacy with forces of nature will get them farther than presuming to be favored children of the imaginary gimme-god in improving their lives here and now and perhaps even their hereafter if our mystical ancestors were right in their speculations seems, to them, like witchcraft.

It is tempting to start recruiting…become an arm for some sort of Mami Wata missionary outreach.  However, I trust nature, and I trust the internet.  Once the idea of HBD is really out there, and a few more Black folks who can, get over its self pitying cheering squad to the real science of it all, positive things are going to happen.  I think one of the most positive will be more people reclaiming their real gods who bless people in real life when they do real things to better their situation that are based on reality.

On the lighter side of that, it sure would be nice to see more men in non bifurcated or at least more junk friendly garments…and more women carrying their babies in babyslings instead of daycare centers.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. I appreciate your insight. I will certainly visit again. It is especially refreshing to read reasoned argument coming from a woman against the dangerous, unnatural, and pain-causing ideology that is feminism.

  2. Thank you, Tunacrab 🙂

    It’s good to get positive feedback. Women have to speak up about this so that other women feel free to express their true feelings about what’s really going on in their lives.

    Secularism has been a great benefit to western society, but feminism is as much a step back as racism in both its anti nationalist and its denial multicult forms. Feminism and the multicult are just covers for de facto male slavery and minority (specifically immigrant) slavery acceptance.

    I’m not sure if they’re doing it consciously or they’re compelled by blind greed, but the big money in the western world is doing the equivalent of owners of giant plantations, destabilizing the family and rendering men little more than slaves to pay taxes and keep the machine running.

    They’re not going to check themselves since what they’re doing is still putting more money in their pockets. The people have to make it unprofitable for them before they’ll listen. Since people can get used to just about anything if they’re convinced it’s for the “greater good”, the people need to be informed that there is no light at the end of the rainbow. Human nature is not going to change, and a reasonable government that wants to have a truly strong nation has to take this into account.

    Humans are not insects. The human male is not going to happily morph into a drone. Human females can’t do the equivalent of laying eggs and leaving them to incubate in daycare while they drone, and be happy with the kind of offspring that is “nurtured” in a baby jail either.

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