False Rape Accusations: How to Reduce Your Chances

Frank Embree In 1889, Frank Embree was accused of raping a 14 year old (“white”) woman (back then, 14 was considered a woman).  He was innocent, but confessed after receiving 100 lashes with a whip.  Then he was castrated, flayed and then burned alive in front of a cheering crowd.

There have been many cases like this.  African American men have been consistently accused of rapes and other crimes they did not commit.  In the past, this was mostly a risk that came from European Americans, but once African American women bought into “white” feminism, some have been using this weapon as well.  So, our community being particularly sensitive and constantly on the receiving end of these accusations, had ways of preventing it, or at least reducing the chances.

It’s a talk most African American fathers have with their sons before they actually become sexually active.  If the father is absent though, he doesn’t get this important talk.  If he’s lucky, he might get it from someone else’s father or a friend IF he’s lucky.

European Americans haven’t been as aware of this problem as others, except as something that usually happened to others, until some started to notice that false accusations were on the rise.  Schools and universities started witch hunts and awareness groups that were basically panic generators.  Instead of instructing both young men and young women to mind themselves, women were encouraged to be more shameless, while young men were instructed to basically never be in the presence of a female without witnesses and a video camera or else they’d be accused of rape.

Quite often though, the accusation doesn’t come completely out of nowhere, though by the way some European American men talk, one would think it did.  They speak of it as if it is a totally inexplicable thing that falls out of the sky from nowhere.  They don’t.

Okay, some do, but most don’t.

Most false rape accusations come from regretted sex, but it’s not the woman who regretted the sex.  It’s the man who expressed regret or ingratitude for the sex.  She reacts to his expression of regret by rethinking the incident in the new context of him hating her or being disgusted with her, and believes that she has been raped.

She consented to having sex with a man who wanted her.  What she got was penetrated by a man who did not want her, and made her feel bad for having sex with him.

It’s not rape, but it’s a mindfuck that an intelligent man would wish to avoid committing.

Inner World vs. Outer World

In “the talk” an African American patriarch explains to young men about to embark on their journey into sexual conquests, that men and women do think differently.  With the background that it is unmanly for a man to prattle like a teenage girl in the first place, sex is something that should not be over-discussed with the woman one wishes to bed.  Not before, and definitely not after.

One’s entrance to the scene should be seductive and decisive, and one’s exit should be classy and swift (but not too swift).  One should not spill their gutts to the woman in whom they have just spilled their seed.

A man should express gratitude and little else.  If one does not feel gratitude, one should fake it.

A player may earn himself a reputation as a player, but an ungrateful man earns nothing.  Her shame will prevent her from singing any praises, and her secrecy will arouse suspicions one does not want aroused.

In other words, the woman shouldn’t know that you didn’t really want to see her.  She shouldn’t know that you found her disgusting.  She shouldn’t know that you are having any regrets even if you’re having them.

Yes, it is dishonest, but consider your regret when she shows her lacerated vagina that you pounded for four hours straight, her bruises, bite marks, and handprints that just fit yours to the on call nurse and police.

Do not fall for the “white” feminist hype that views these things through privilege, that men should be sensitive and honest.  Fuck that. Think like a Black feminist who is aware of incarceration as the continuation of slavery and  lie motherfucker. LIE!!!  Lie your ass off.

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