False Rape Accusations: How to Reduce Your Chances

5. Rape rumors are much, much more common than official rape accusations, and can be very damaging if one day you are accused.

For every woman who actually reported a real rape, there are many who were raped and didn’t report.  However, there are also many, many women who weren’t actually raped, who framed something shady that happened to them as a rape, and didn’t tell the cops, but told a friend.  There are also many who just straight up lie, but it’s more common to see a reframe.

Reframes are bad for you because the court of opinion can damage you in ways that a court of law can’t.  No jury is needed to convict you.  The story just has to be believable enough, and it doesn’t even need to start with the woman you had sex with.  It is quite often started by friends or jealous orbiters who reframed something that happened to her as a rape.

Often, a woman won’t say, “I was raped ” they will tell their story, and other people will tell her it was rape or some sort of violation.  From then on, every guy she knows is watching you, and every girl she knows is waiting for you to sneeze so they can accuse you of something.

Many men who have been falsely accused often started by being whispered about.  The guy bumbles through his sex life with good intentions, but no clue how or that his behavior can have unexpected consequences.  Then when someone finally does flip out, there is nobody to vouch for his character or to talk some sense to his accuser.  In their eyes, he has been a rapist for years, and nobody is surprised.

Related to , but talking about non crazy women saying no:


I repeat:


The last thing you want to do when a woman says no to you is to insult her or make her feel bad in any way for saying no.  Women should never have to justify or explain saying no.

If you consistently put women in the position of having to explain their “no” or insult them for saying “no”, then you are damaging your own reputation.  You get labelled a rapist before you even got to do anything, and woman will warn other women about you if they know about it.  The same goes for expressing regrets and ingratitude.

If you handle yourself with some acceptance that the world does not owe you pussy for existing, then she may change her mind.  The ability to not bother about people who don’t want any is a sign of dominance and having better things to do.

Every time you’re with a woman, you and she are taking some risks.  She takes a mostly physical risk, but don’t forget that you’re running some emotional and possibly legal risks that could lead to physical risks aside of disease.

Don’t be the male equivalent of a woman walking around drunk and alone at night in a bad part of town.  Use your brain to keep you out of trouble.  It’s not fair if someone falsely accuses you officially or what’s more common, unofficially.  You didn’t do the wrong thing, but if you didn’t heed the advice of experienced men,  then you bear some responsibility for your situation.  So don’t be a fool for pussy, and pussy won’t make a fool out of you.

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