False Rape Accusations: How to Reduce Your Chances

Then when you’ve told her that you enjoyed your time together, leave it at that.  Don’t change your story.  Don’t even change it when she asks you why you haven’t returned.  Say it’s because you got into a relationship, or you went out of town.

It will save your ass.

.and if you weren’t disgusted with her, or nothing was particularly wrong, and you’re just having some sort of emotional issues, you keep those god damned issues to yourself.  You don’t dump that shit on a woman who just had sex with you.  You’re saying, “Well, I don’t know what to make of all this.  I didn’t want to do this again because what I really need is (blah blah blah )” but what she’s hearing is, “You are a disgusting slut and I hate you!”

Second thoughts, regrets of any kind, or even uncertainty about what you’ve just done should be kept quiet.

If you’ve got something on your chest, and you need to speak, then talk to your guy friends.  That’s what they’re there for.  The woman should never be privy to these thoughts.

Women can backwards rationalize almost anything.  We don’t regret sex unless the guy we did it with made us regret it by polluting the happy memory with expressions of regret.  It means we can’t even think about you or fantasize about you anymore because we went from being wanted to being unwanted from being desired and taken to being deceived and basically shat in like a toilet.

If you make a woman feel like that, you are fortunate if she doesn’t do the worst thing she possibly can to you and one day you will encounter that one mentally ill woman, or you will push that one vulnerable woman over the edge with your regretted sex mindfuck, and your luck will run out.

You can greatly reduce your chances of getting accused of rape by simply showing gratitude, rather than ingratitude, when a woman opens her legs for you, even if she wasn’t the pornstar or anime clone of your dreams.

These accusations are all about revenge.  You can shout to the heavens about how unfair it is, but that doesn’t change Nature.  Nature doesn’t care.  Intelligence is the way out of this, not fairness.  So do the smart thing and be grateful, and if you can’t be grateful, just lie or keep your mouth shut.

This advice has kept my male relatives out of jail, even through a lot of relationship and sidechick drama.

/end “the talk”

Additional Advice From Male Friends and Family on Preventing False Rape Accusations or Post Sexual Drama

1. Call the next day to check on the woman.

I understand that most PUA’s would say not to call a woman for 3 days, but that is only if she is a hot chick (media/mainstream standards) who is used to being doted on and stalked, and with whom you actually have long term plans.  Most women are not in that category, and you can’t game them the same way you’d game a model or someone in the top tier of looks + socioeconomic class.

Besides, if you’re not really sure if you’re going to keep a woman anyway, you lose nothing from reassuring her that A, you have no regrets about it and B, you’re a responsible man who doesn’t just dump his seed around willy nilly and go.

Women don’t generally take revenge on guys who they respect or admire or perhaps view as awkward puppydogs.  They want revenge when they feel they’ve been used or insulted in some way.

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