False Rape Accusations: How to Reduce Your Chances

You don’t have to define anything or promise anything.  In fact, it’s best if you don’t unless or until you’re actually sure about something.  You’re just there to say hello, ask how she’s doing, listen to her answer, maybe tell her again that you enjoyed the time together, and then have something you need to get to so you can’t talk too much longer.

If a conversation develops, go with the flow.  If she starts asking questions about where it’s going or what it was, then tell her, “This is not the time, babe/sweety/honey/whatever.”

Get off the phone or end the SMS’s as quickly as courtesy will allow.  This is just checking up.

Checkups should happen: the day after, a month after, and maybe 3 months after, if you don’t shag at times in between that.  Every time you shag, she should get a call the next day.

You can’t have “bitches” safely unless you can handle them safely.  Guys who don’t handle their business get nasty surprises like hearing through a friend that they might have raped someone, guys finding excuses to kick their ass because they heard they raped someone, or in extreme cases, interrogations from the police.  I have seen this happen to a friend of mine.

2. If she starts pressing you for a date, a commitment, a ring, or whatever, and you don’t want to do what she needs you to do for her to trust you or stay with you, do NOT try to “lawyer” her into dropping her standards.  Just throw that fish back in the lake.  Bail out.

If you get into those kinds of conversations, you are setting yourself up for a false rape accusation or gray area situation that could be “rape enough”.

Lawyering means you’ve lost your self respect, and the pussy is more important than your integrity.  If you don’t want to date or commit to this girl, but she requires that for you to continue, you only have two choices to keep your dignity: give in but frame it so that she also has obligations to you, or just leave.

but when you leave, word it like, “I can’t give you what you need ” or something along those lines.

Remember, NEVER express regret.  Never tell her the real details of why you can’t give her what she needs if they would insult her in some way.  The ways that would insult her have to do with looks or accidents of birth like her ethnicity, height, age, etc.  Basically, if it’s because you thought she was good enough to shag, but not good enough to date or commit to, then keep that shit to yourself.  If you spill that, she will feel violated, and may spread rape rumors about you or flip out and go to the police.

3. If you made the mistake of getting into a relationship with a woman who threatens to call the police on you or sue you or otherwise use the authorities or legal system to abuse you, END it.  END IT NOW.

This is a non negotiable.  If she has a history of that, end it.  You can usually find out if a woman has a history on Google.  Check someone out before getting into a relationship.

Remember, all women are vengeful to some degree, but you want to see how a woman handles her problems.  If she’ll argue, great.  If she’ll handle conflicts with integrity, bonus.  If she blogs or does some art, wonderful.  She has an outlet that won’t ruin anybody’s life.  If, however, she threatens legal action every time someone says things she doesn’t like, advocates snitching for victimless crimes, or defines sexual harassment or rape as anything that makes a woman uncomfortable, just don’t go there.

Just don’t.

About blogging, Facebook pages, and other means of on-the-fly self expression, go back to posts about breakups and relationship problems, and read her reactions to them.  If she can’t tell the difference between being deceived and/or used and/or being in a dysfunctional situation and being raped, then she is too high risk.  She should be able to tell where the lines are between psychological violation, emotional abuses, and actual physical rape.  If she can’t, then you don’t want to do anything with her.

Remember, what she has done to others, she would do to you under similar circumstances.

4. The “NO” girl is a no-go.

There are women who are insulted by male attention.  They make a point of reacting with over-the-top hostility towards guys who approach them.  Though you can get past their barriers sometimes, don’t get drawn in by the challenge aspect.  If you’re going to pursue them at all, it should stop before you get them alone.  To teach them a lesson, it’s good to get them to like you and then casually find better things to do.  It is not a good idea to get them into any situation in which they could say that you raped or otherwise violated them.

Best is to just take the no and don’t go any further.  You don’t have to prove anything to a woman whose vagina you know in advance is a rape trap.

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